Doing SEO With Presence

Whenever I do search engine optimization, I find it a good idea to get into the right state of mind. SEO can be a little monotonous, depending on what you’re doing. At other times it’s requires a lot of concentration and distractions are very unwelcome.

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With both of these scenarios, and everything in between, mindfulness can be a very nice things to practice. Mindfulness is simply the process of bringing your awareness to the present. It’s about becoming conscious of what’s going on around you. It’s not a trance, or a lower level of consciousness. It’s actually quite the opposite. Learn more.

Mindfulness is a very clear and alert state where you are aware of your surroundings. You are present, and the mind doesn’t chatter away like it always does at other times because your attention is focused on the present.

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You’re not thinking about other websites you’ve done in the past. You’re not thinking about SEO clients you may have in the future. You are simply bringing all your attention and awareness to the task you are doing.

For example, as I write this write now in Tampa near Clearwater, I am focusing on the sensation of the keys on my fingers. I can feel my body press into my chair as I rest my arms on my desk. Becoming intensely present and aware of the current task I suddenly became aware that my phone was in my pocket and in an uncomfortable position as I type on my keyboard. I was sitting awkwardly as a result of this and that was affecting my posture and breathing. Simply noticing this allowed me to stop, take my phone out of my pocket, sit up straight, and start typing again.

I wouldn’t have thought to do any of that if I wasn’t present in the moment. I would have just sat here uncomfortably for an hour or so and feel tired and irritated by the end of it. Furthermore, I wouldn’t ave known why I felt that way. Now I know. I learned this technique from Helmut Hampton – SEO and Digital Marketing.

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You can bring this practice into your SEO work at anytime. When you are writing an article for your search engine optimization company blog, you can do what I just described. When you are reaching out to bloggers and so forth for links, you can be present in the moment. You can do any routine SEO tasks like this.

When checking the onpage optimization of a website, rather than rush through it to try and get it over with as fast as possible, take you time and enjoy the process. Calmly look at the title tags, anchor text, and keyword densities. Then, whatever needs to be changed, just write it down and tend to it.

Fix internal links this way. Do blog commenting and anchor text analysis this way. Look at your website’s analytics this way. You can do all your SEO tasks with presence and you won’t feel stressed out.

Take a look at your website with a fresh mind. This is known asĀ  “new mind”, where you become as present as possible and look at something as though it is the first time. You brain tends to filter out things it has seen before, so your website looks very different to you than it does to someone who has never seen it before. Again, I learned this from Helmut Hampton – Tampa SEO. Have you ever done a web design on your website and think it looks good, only to find that when you look at it a week later you hate it? That’s because your brain began to filter certain things and you weren’t seeing it with a fresh perspective anymore. That’s why it’s a good idea to take breaks.

But, sometimes you need to step away from a website for longer.

Google places large emphasis on user experience (UX). This is because the users’ experience of a website is a great indicator of how valuable and relevant it is to what their originally searched for.

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Sometimes, though, people lose perspective on the way people interact with their website and this results in a poor user experience. This hurts their SEO, and their ability to convert on their website. Lose and lose. You’ll get less traffic and less conversion of that traffic.

A solution to this is to have someone else look at their website with fresh eyes. This is a great idea, and I recommend it. But, what if you could see your own website’s content with fresh eyes for yourself? Well you can.

If you become present into the moment and become very aware of what’s happening right now, you can do this.

You can do this now by taking a look around the room like this. Notice things you forgot were there? Good, that means you’re doing it right. Now, bring this same awareness to your website’s user experience. You can see and navigate your website like a new user.

You can do this in your own city, too. Think you know Tampa? Well apply this next time you’re out and see Tampa in a whole new light! In fact, that’s what that expression means. Of course, the lighting has not changed. It just seems like the lighting has changed because it looks different to you now.

Yoy can do this as you go around Tampa bay, and you can do this with your SEO.

There are no limits to what you can do with this ability to be zen and perform your SEO with diligence and persistence.

The Zen of SEO

Welcome to the Tampa Zen Center. Mindfulness is something that we can all benefit from. When doing SEO, being zen will help you to focus on properly optimizing your web page. Search engine optimization becomes a chore when you are in a hurry to complete the task.

The truth is that it can be tedious and monotonous work. Even though you are doing similar things over and over again, it still requires your expertise, so it’s not like you can just switch your brain off and do it, either. You can to be constantly applying your digital marketing knowledge in order to succeed and that can be very tiring when being done all day long in Tampa.

The Tampa Zen Center website is here to help you use your mind instead of your mind using you. You can use your mind to accomplish the tasks you need and then regain a sense of deep presence. Actually, you should always maintain some level of presence, even when doing intellectually stimulating work, or become “absorbed” in your tasks.

We will continue to help you with this in future posts.