The Zen of SEO

Welcome to the Tampa Zen Center. Mindfulness is something that we can all benefit from. When doing SEO, being zen will help you to focus on properly optimizing your web page. Search engine optimization becomes a chore when you are in a hurry to complete the task.

The truth is that it can be tedious and monotonous work. Even though you are doing similar things over and over again, it still requires your expertise, so it’s not like you can just switch your brain off and do it, either. You can to be constantly applying your digital marketing knowledge in order to succeed and that can be very tiring when being done all day long in Tampa.

The Tampa Zen Center website is here to help you use your mind instead of your mind using you. You can use your mind to accomplish the tasks you need and then regain a sense of deep presence. Actually, you should always maintain some level of presence, even when doing intellectually stimulating work, or become “absorbed” in your tasks.

We will continue to help you with this in future posts.